About Design Manager

Founded in 1984, Design Manager has been serving the needs of interior designers for nearly 40 years. First released on MS-DOS in 1986, Design Manager has progressively added valuable features such as point-of-sale, showroom support, client portal, product clipper, online payments, and iPhone applications. In 2007, Design Manager became one of the first applications of its kind to move to the cloud. In 2019, Design Manager was acquired by 1stDibs, and subsequently acquired by Performant Capital in 2022.

Our Team

Greg Palmer

Greg Palmer, CEO of Design Manager

Since 2020, Greg has led Design Manager, refocusing the company on building easier to use products and becoming even more useful to interior designers. Prior to leading Design Manager, Greg was the Director of Product Management at WordStream, where he led development of the advertising agency segment.

Greg lives in Brooklyn with his partner and two dogs. He is a regular on the erg at Row House and enjoys traveling whenever possible to Provincetown, Italy, Napa, and more. No matter where Greg is, he loves trying new restaurants and interesting wines.

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Joe Kissel

Director of Engineering
Joe Kissel

He loves carpentry, mountain biking, and the Philadelphia Phillies, and he first programmed DM on a DOS computer—over two decades ago. Because he has programmed our software since a few years after its inception, he’s an expert at designing it to be comprehensive and user-friendly. When he’s not programming or directing research and development, he’s probably managing Design Manager’s accounting and financials.

Brad Martin

Director of Customer Experience
Brad Martin

Our head trainer, he instructs clients on how to correctly use DM, and if you’ve attended one of our webinars, you’ve seen his expertise firsthand. He’s been working with our software for more than fifteen years, his vocabulary is astoundingly vast, and he drinks coffee like it’s nobody’s business. His interests include his kids, listening to his extensive music library, and ending the day with a pint of ale.

Jamie Daddario

Scrum Master / Project Manager

A dedicated photographer, she has a photography business on the side and is a master at noticing the details—especially when it comes to clients’ needs. If you thought accounting was complex, imagine explaining it to other people and writing our accounting help center articles (yes, she does that). She is an adept Photoshop user, enjoys gardening, and loves spending time with her family.

Rob Gordon

Senior Client Support Specialist

Besides his jeep and rock climbing, he loves helping customers and hanging out with his kids. When he refers to certain clients as his friends, we know it’s true. After working with our software and our customers for more than ten years, he knows a lot about tech, accounting and our customers’ specific needs.

Marty Witkosky

System Operations Engineer

If you visited the Design Manager headquarters in PA, you’d probably see Marty setting up a server while wearing a Microsoft t-shirt and drinking coffee from his favorite mug. For over 15 years, Marty has been maintaining networks for small businesses, so trust us when we say he’s an expert. Marty enjoys being immersed in technology at Design Manager and working with coworkers that love Microsoft almost as much as he does. Besides Microsoft, Marty loves anything Star Wars, watching the history channel, listening to hard rock and metal music, spending time with his family, and working on classic sport cars.