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With ClientConnect, you will be able to save time, paper, and frustration while increasing the professionalism of your business. ClientConnect will give you an edge over your competitors’ outdated methods by allowing you to post documents to an online website where your clients can view them and then pay with credit cards.

Stop continuously emailing back and forth or meeting with your client to keep them up-to-date on every change to their project. ClientConnect will make communication with your client simple.

With ClientConnect you can:

    • Create private and secure websites for each of your clients
    • Post project status, proposals, and invoices to these sites so that your clients can view them.
    • Send automated update emails that will be sent to your clients to let them know if you’ve posted anything to their site.
    • Receive payments online from your clients with a click of a button
    • Create less paperwork, save time, make communication easier, and impress your clients.


Watch this video to see ClientConnect in action!


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