Why Choose Design Manager Instead of QuickBooks?

When you design custom spaces, you understand the value of a custom software. 70% of interior designers prefer Design Manager over QuickBooks, because Design Manager is a software made specifically for them.  Here's just a few of Design Manager's great features:

  • Add pictures to documents
  • Integrated project management and accounting
  • Order tracking
  • Interior design and accounting reports
  • Color-coded order statuses

starting at only  $39.99 per month

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Why Design Manager? Hear what these interior designers have to say:

"QuickBooks does not do what Design Manager does for our business. It doesn’t have all the nuances that we need. If you’re in a certain business, you should be using project management software that was tailored to your specific business. Why reinvent the wheel?"

Phyllis Harbinger

Design Concepts Interiors

"The first few years in business I used Quickbooks, but as the level of complexity and purchasing for my projects increased, the software really didn’t perform. If you are considering making the upgrade to Design Manager, just go for it. The time saved and peace of mind are worth it."

Jenn Sanborn

Sacris Design

"After more than a decade in this industry, I simply could not run a business without Design Manager. I would recommend Design Manager to any professional working in our field."

Nick Olsen

Nick Olsen Inc.

"Switching to a software program designed specifically for the design industry has proven to be extremely valuable in managing the details and has saved us time and money. I would highly recommend Design Manager to any interior design business."

Matthew P. Smyth

Matthew Patrick Smyth Interiors

Not convinced DM is right for you?

Key Differences

1. Add Pictures to Documents

In Design Manager, you can add pictures of items to proposals and invoices so that your clients can see what you are purchasing.  You can't add pictures to documents in QuickBooks.

2. More Reports

Design Manager has over 80 project reports - both for accounting and project management.  QuickBooks has less than 60 accounting reports.

3. Order Tracking

Easily track your vendor orders with Design Manager.  With Pro Cloud, you can even create custom item status colors so that you know at a glance whether your items have been ordered yet.

4. Project Management

Design Manager has project management made specifically for interior designers.  Forget trying to make a generic software fit your custom business and get organized with Design Manager.  QuickBooks does not have project management.

5. Save Time

After adding an item in Design Manager, you can generate proposals, purchase orders, and invoices all with the click of a button.  In QuickBooks, you must reenter items for each document.

6. Tech Support

Our tech support team knows interior design.  They will not only be able to help you use the software, but they also understand your business.