Design Manager > Features

Project Management

Items and components

Enter spec info and easily add markups, discounts or fees


Setup project budgets and stay on target with reports and warnings

Proposals, Purchase Orders and Invoices

Spec info, pricing and pictures print automatically on documents


Budget Analysis, Client Status, Project/Order Status, Proposal and PO Listings, Profit Analysis, and more

ACTIVITY Management

Contacts and Addresses

Manage clients and vendors with a google maps button for directions

Time Billing

Setup time activities to streamline time entry and billing

Tasks and Appointments

Setup reminders for yourself or other employees


Employee Time Analysis, Project Time Analysis, Hours Journal, Time Budget Analysis, and more


Deposits and Retainers

Collect and apply easily with DM’s cash receipts window

Accounts Receivable

Manage money coming into your business and pay sales tax

Accounts Payable

Manage money being paid out of your business and company expenses


All necessary financial statements included plus handy reports like Aged Accounts Rec. and Pay., Open Client and Vendor Deposits, WIP, and more

Inventory Management

Stock Items with Pictures

Order, manage, and sell inventory items with DM’s simple inventory system


On-hand, committed, on-order, and reorder quantities

Multiple Warehouse Locations

Track inventory per warehouse


Aged Inventory, Committed Analysis, Inventory Sales, Inventory Turns, and more


Access from anywhere

Real time communication with your employees by using DM from any device

Automatic Backups

Peace of mind and one less thing to worry about doing manually

Free Upgrades

Always have the latest features with no surprise upgrade costs

Free Accountant Access

Give your accountant access to your DM from anywhere for no charge

Favorite features voted by others

65% Proposals, PO's and Invoices with Pictures
65% Proposals, PO's and Invoices with Pictures
60% Item Tracking
60% Item Tracking
38% Markups per Project or per Item
38% Markups per Project or per Item
30% Design Specific Reports
30% Design Specific Reports
20% Bank Reconciliation History
20% Bank Reconciliation History

Time Saved by users (in %)


1-2 hours per week
2-4 hours per week
4-8 hours per week
8+ hours per week