Product Clipper

Source Products While You Browse

With our Product Clipper extension, you can easily import product specifications into Design Manager, saving time and improving accuracy. Once you’ve got the extension installed in Google Chrome, just browse to the product you want on your vendor’s site, then click the information you want to import into Design Manager. It’s that easy.

Your project, location, and sales category information is available directly in Clipper, so you’re able to clip items for specific rooms in projects you’re working on.

Common Questions

How do I get the Product Clipper?

Great question! Just install it from our page on the Google Chrome Store.

What browsers does it work with?

Right now it works with Google Chrome, which is the most popular browser our customers use.

Which versions of Design Manager does it work with?

Clipper is exclusive to our Pro Cloud product.

Pro Cloud has a lot of great enhancements over desktop versions of Design Manager and Standard Cloud, so we now recommend it to all customers.

Does Product Clipper cost anything?

It comes bundled with your Pro Cloud subscription, so you don’t need to worry about any additional costs.

How do I use Product Clipper?

It’s easy. Once you add it from the Google Chrome Store, just browse to a webpage for a product you’d like to add to Design Manager.

Click the Design Manager logo in the upper right, and then you can select the information you’d like to import. Once you click save, the product is available in Design Manager!