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Feature and Functionality Deprecation

What is being deprecated?

Being Deprecated Announced On Year Released Support Ends
DM SE6 11/1/2015 2006 12/31/2016
Pro 7.0 R1 11/1/2014 2006 12/31/2016
LiveBackUp Service 6/1/2016 2006 12/31/2017
Pro 7.0 R2 6/1/2016 2007 12/31/2017
Pro 7.0 R3 12/1/2016 2009 1/14/2020
DM2011 12/1/2018 2010 1/14/2020


For more information, see our Product Lifecycle Article

Why does Design Manager deprecate features and functionality?

The reasons behind phasing out old features and replacing them with new features are plenty but most importantly are the following:

  • Product development – When new features and functionality are built, it is usually done so in a completely different way than the original feature or functionality resulting in double maintenance. If programming teams are unable to focus on just the new version, development for the new features can be extremely impacted.
  • Support – Same as programmers, our support team also has to provide support and documentation for multiple versions of the same feature which means less attention paid customer satisfaction.
  • Account Management – Sales representatives might not always have knowledge of or access to old features, which makes it difficult to help clients manage their account.
  • Clients– If you are using an old feature, you might be frustrated that Design Manager is not improving that feature. You might not know that there are newer features available and you might think that Design Manager software is not providing you with what you need.

Overall, development takes time and money and if we pour those resources into old features or functionality then everyone suffers.

What communication will Design Manager give for deprecation?

We want to make sure everyone is notified of the deprecation and any new functionality that replaces it. We will use multiple channels of communication to notify customers, including this webpage, email messaging and direct mailing.

We try to give Pro users and modified users more advanced notice than DM users or unmodified users as their upgrade process is naturally longer.

What happens when Design Manager announces a deprecation?

Design Manager can deprecate individual features, add on software modules or entire software packages.  The first differences that Design Manager users will experience is that their current feature or version will no longer receive enhancements and it will no longer be supported by our technical support staff.  Eventually the feature or software module may be removed from the software version partially or completely, but that depends on the feature so please read through the instructions provided with the announcements.  Software versions, such as desktop versions or modified software versions, may run until you can no longer install them on current hardware.

Our intention with an announcement is to let you know that Design Manager is making a change, and to help you as early as is possible if you are impacted by that change.

Is there a way I can keep the old feature or functionality?

Unfortunately, we are not able to do that. In order to provide our clients with the highest level of service and functionality, our software must keep pace with current security, privacy, and regulatory requirements, as well as offer functionality that is accessible and easy-to-use. Over time, our service must evolve.  By necessity, this means some technologies we rely on today will become incompatible with hardware requirements in the future.