June 1, 2016

Dear Client:

Design Manager is informing you that there will be no renewal available for LiveBackUp as we are discontinuing our LiveBackUp service.  This service only applies to clients using a desktop software version of Design Manager.

Due to modern technology and the trend of the software industry going towards Software as a Service, the desktop software with backup service is no longer a sustainable business for our company.  Since most of our clients who used the LiveBackUp service have switched over to our Cloud software, the operational costs for maintaining this service have increased significantly and we can no longer afford to maintain it.

Our recommendation is to upgrade to our Cloud software as that includes daily backups of your data.  Our Cloud software has newer features, can be accessed from any device, and again is always backed up for your convenience.  Please call 1-800-836-2999 or email sales@designmanager.com to talk to a sales representative about upgrade options and pricing.

We thank you for your understanding and would be happy to help you learn more about switching to our cloud software.


Lindsay Paoli


Design Manager, Inc.