June 1, 2016


Dear Valued Clients:

We’re adjusting pricing on July 1st.

As of July 1, 2016 we will be adjusting our pricing for Design Manager Cloud software to more accurately reflect the increase in licensing costs that we have been shouldering for a few years and to make room for some great new features coming your way.

Design Manager Cloud’s pricing has seen one increase and one decrease in its eight-year history.  Five years ago, in 2011, we raised the annual prices slightly by 4% and decreased the monthly prices by 13%.

The monthly user rate for DM Cloud will increase $3/per month and Pro Cloud will increase $2/per month.  For our clients that pay annually, DM Cloud will increase $35/per year and Pro Cloud will increase $30/per year.  The new monthly prices for both DM Cloud and Pro Cloud are still less than the monthly prices when we launched our cloud software back in Q1 of 2008.

We will continue to invest in product innovation over the years to come, and we will remain committed to offering both the best product and the best value for the additional functionality we roll out in the future. We thank you for your loyalty to our software and our company.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.



Lindsay Paoli


Design Manager, Inc.