• Added Project Budget Field to Project Window.
  • Added Location Budget Field to Location Window.
  • Added Unit and Ext. Item Budget fields to Item Window.
  • New Budget Report to breakdown Project Budget by Location and Items.
  • The proposal number was added to the Client Invoice Posting List (Performa) Report.
  • Added proposal numbers to client statements.
  • Two technical support functions were added to the Toolbar under the File Tab; A Remote Access ( button and a button that links to a website page that can be used to submit a technical support incident.


  • Suppressed the company information footer on the Modern document style when the use letterhead setting is selected.
  • Problems were fixed with copying and pasting of groups of items and items within groups (if groups are turned on for specifications).
  • Fixed the Print Deposit Slip Window breaking out the receipt total for Cash entries (deposit slip printed correctly already).