• New Look!  We have added a fresh, modern look to tabs and grids throughout the software.
  • A new company option has been added to allow the user to repeat the Location and Group headers at the beginning of each new page of your Proposal & Invoice documents.
  • Items tagged will now remain highlighted in green when creating or editing documents. For example, on the Proposal, Purchase Order, and Client Invoice windows.
  • A new undo void function/button was added for un-voiding a check that was previously voided.
  • You can now sort by the columns on the checking and credit card reconciliation windows.
  • The Expected Ship Report has received new “Sort By” options for Ship To and Location. The report will also now page break by Project and it will no longer show components that have been fully received.


  • Fixed: When adding an Item from Inventory, the Use Project Pricing calculation is not working properly when in discount mode.
  • Fixed: When adding deposits for multiple PO’s, Inventory PO’s do not drop from the list after a deposit is created for the PO.
  • Added the Item Group as a column to the Spec Search grid.
  • Fixed: Paid Stamp does not appear on Invoices if the deposit applied pays the invoice in full.
  • Updated the Cash Receipts Window to be sizable.
  • Fixed: Transfer of an Item to Inventory with Freight records the Inventory transaction for Freight posting into the wrong fiscal month.
  • Updated the Manufacturer field on the Catalog Item Spec tab to be a Vendor code like on the Item Window.
  • Fixed: Billable vs Non-billable Hours Report fails when a date range of more than a year is entered.