• New Checkbook and Credit Card Reconciliation window.
  • Row background color can be changed on reports in Company, Advanced settings and is set to light gray by default.
  • New look! The Company Information window has been updated.
  • The Passwords tab in the Company Information window has been changed to “Security.”


  • Fixed: Sales Tax code title was not changing properly on documents.
  • Fixed: Check numbering issue when rejecting a check run.
  • Fixed: When starting multiple copies of DM quickly, a ghost title screen window would be displayed.
  • Fixed: Importing a time billing spreadsheet can cause a Duplicate Key Error 3022.
  • Fixed: Sorting and Searching by Location was not working on the New Invoice window.
  • Fixed: The Modern document was not using a full 8 x 1.5 logo size; instead it scaled it down.
  • Fixed: Show grids with dark grid-lines and borders if the old office 2010 toolbar theme is selected.
  • Fixed: The additional deposit requested verbiage at the bottom of the Modern Proposal format was cut off.
  • Fixed: Show Deposit formats for Residential and Commercial Proposals were not showing the Designer signature lines when not suppressed.
  • Fixed: When processing a vendor return and credit with the credit card reconciliation open, a new entry would not appear until window is closed and reopened.
  • Fixed: The override function to change the quantity during a client return was not recalculating.