• For clients using Item Groups, new document styles for Proposals and Invoices have been added to show the Group Price totals only.  Single Item prices will not appear on these styles.
  • Ability to have custom documents and reports in the latest version without needing custom software.  There is an additional charge for the custom document to be created.
  • Use the Copy Image Address option on a vendor’s website to copy to the clipboard.  This will allow you to paste the URL on Picture tabs inside items and components to display the image.


  • Fixed: The description column in the catalog is not sorting and therefore unable to search.
  • Fixed: No Current Record in To Do List when list is blank and creating a new task for another user
  • Fixed: Using OK add to create new items does not remember or look at the project default Bypass WIP setting
  • Fixed: Double click not working on Company Window – Budget Tab
  • Fixed: If you rename the Sales Tax title, the Modern formats of Proposal do not show the proper title
  • Fixed: Print with pictures check box is not being remembered on Purchase Order or Work Order
  • Fixed: Suppress Bid Spec Prices visible from advanced button on Proposal Window, remarks tab
  • Fixed: Incorrect phone # formatting on showroom reports
  • Fixed: Enhanced loading speed when updating Components on the PO on the Purchase Order Status Window
  • Fixed: Budget Entry warning not appearing when enter time through Employee Time Window