The reasons behind phasing out old features and replacing them with new features are plenty but most importantly are the following:

  • Product development – When new features and functionality are built, it is usually done so in a completely different way than the original feature or functionality resulting in double maintenance. If programming teams are unable to focus on just the new version, development for the new features can be extremely impacted.
  • Support – Same as programmers, our support team also has to provide support and documentation for multiple versions of the same feature which means less attention paid customer satisfaction.
  • Account Management – Sales representatives might not always have knowledge of or access to old features, which makes it difficult to help clients manage their account.
  • Clients– If you are using an old feature, you might be frustrated that Design Manager is not improving that feature. You might not know that there are newer features available and you might think that Design Manager software is not providing you with what you need.

Overall, development takes time and money and if we pour those resources into old features or functionality then everyone suffers.