Security you can trust

Application Security

Design Manager Cloud and CloudSpace utilize Citrix to provide one of the most secure cloud environments available. DM Cloud and CloudSpace are so secure because applications are isolated from the operating system. This means data that is in the cloud, stays in the cloud, no portion of your information ever resides in a web browser which is running on your computer and therefore would be vulnerable to hackers and viruses. DM Cloud and CloudSpace is run through a secure-by-design, encrypted, single-point access gateway.

Physical Security

Design Manager equipment is housed in multiple SSAE 16, SOC 1 Type II compliant Data Centers. The datacenters are all US based and are built to a 2N standard, meaning there are no single points of failure that could impact the main production infrastructure or its failover. As a result, you have a much higher level of reliability.

Design Manager’s colocation facilities feature a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center, advanced security and monitoring systems, sophisticated fire suppression systems and redundant utility transformers, generators, Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS’s), main switch panels, UPS’s and PDU’s-all backed up by industry leading SLA’s.


  • 24 x 7 onsite coverage
  • Remote hands/eyes support
  • Escorted on-premises customer access
  • 9-to-5 third-party security coverage


  • Minimum of N+1 UPS redundancy
  • Supports a minimum of 2.5 kW/cab or ~100w/sq. ft.
  • Concurrently maintainable


  • Minimum of N+1 cooling redundancy


  • Minimum of 150 customer cabinets
  • Compliant with SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II regulations

Encryption and Virus Protection

We rely on advanced, industry-recognized security safeguards to keep all of your financial data private and protected. Design Manager uses DigiCert®, a leading secure sockets layer (SSL) Certificate Authority. With password-protected login, firewall protected servers, and the same encryption technology (128 bit SSL) used by the world’s top banking institutions, we have the security elements in place to give you peace of mind.

Within DM Cloud and CloudSpace’s multiple redundant, enterprise-class Citrix Environments, state-of-the-art anti-virus and firewall systems prevent unwarranted intrusions and ensure only authorized users access your environment. This is a purpose-built security system that integrates applications, databases, firewalls, and traffic management. The system monitors for unusual traffic patterns and alerts system administrators of any suspicious behavior to help prevent network attacks against vulnerable services, data driven attacks on applications, host-based attacks such as privilege escalation, unauthorized logins and access to sensitive files, and malware (e.g. viruses, Trojan horses, and worms).

Backups and Replication

During the backup process, all files are first secured with a personal 256-bit AES or 448-bit Blowfish encryption key and then transferred to an offsite data center, a significant distance from the original data center, via a secure SSL connection, which negotiates the highest grade encryption available based on the default settings for OpenSSL. Offsite servers are located in carefully chosen Tier 4 data centers protected by gated perimeter access, 24/7/365 onsite staffed security and technicians, electronic card key access, and strategically placed security cameras inside and outside the building.

In addition to running regular backups, data is replicated in real time from one set of premium hardware to another within our data center. This protects the critical information your business keeps within Design Manager and CloudSpace, even in the event of hardware failure or database corruption. It also enables rapid restoration of the full functionality of the environment should an issue occur.

In addition, DM staff can provide a copy of files that are stored in Cloud Manager or Design Manager upon request.  Since there are no desktop software versions available to run DM data the data copy would be for peace of mind only.

Scheduled Maintenance

In order to maintain performance and security of the Services, Design Manager performs scheduled maintenance within its published maintenance windows of 3AM to 5:30AM EST. This may require specific Services to be suspended during the maintenance period. Loss of Service Availability due to scheduled maintenance will not be included in the calculation of Service Availability.

User Security Control

You control who accesses your financial data and what they can see and do with it. Each person you sign up to use Design Manager Cloud must create a unique password and no one — not even the Design Manager staff can see it. We also offer multiple permission levels that let you limit the access privileges of each user.

We care about security as much as you do. And we do it well.