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Brooke Moorhead – Design Manager, everyone uses it

Brooke sees the best interior design as a harmony between beauty and creative practicality. She believes life is enhanced when living and working in well-planned spaces with pleasing aesthetics. Brooke looks carefully at each client's requirements and preferences, and she works to channel her client's aesthetic disposition and taste into an interior that will improve life. Her practice focuses on all aspects of a space, ranging from furniture, fabrics & accessories to architectural design, fixture & finishes specifications, cabinetry design and space planning.

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Lindsay Hair – Binders and Design Manager

Practicing in New York as well as her native North Carolina, Lindsay’s accessible services convey an artful blend of urban chic and southern gentility. From refined city apartments to relaxed family homes, from mountain cabins to historic residences, her memorable spaces are seamless in design and detail, realizing her clients’ visions while respecting their budgets.

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Scott Salvator – Design is 90% business

Scott Salvator is recognized as one of the country’s premier designers. From its inception in 1992, Salvator’s New York-based full-service firm has specialized in custom residential and commercial interiors for an elite international clientele from Los Angeles to Athens.

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Vicente Wolf – A designer for 39 years, using Design Manager for over 20 of them

For the past three decades Vicente Wolf has fostered the global development of his brand through a simplicity-driven principle that infuses his many creative endeavours: interior design, photography, art collection and global travel. From the spacious light-filled loft in New York City where his company is headquartered, Wolf and his team at Vicente Wolf Associates build on his passion for design, maintaining an impressive portfolio that spans multinational conglomerates and private homes to hotels and restaurants across the globe.

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