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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I set up a Project?

    You can create a Project by clicking Projects, Add, and then filling out the appropriate information. Here is a video that shows the process step by step.

    2. How do I create an Item?

    You can create an Item by clicking Project Specifications, selecting your Project, Add. Here is a video that shows the process step by step.

    3. How do I install the DM Product Clipper?

    Browse to the Google Chrome Store and search for the Design Manager Product Clipper Chrome Extension. Here is an article that shows the process step by step.

    4. How do I setup Pro Cloud on a new computer?

    Browse to, download and install Citrix Workspace, enter your username and password. Please see our Getting Started Guide for more detail.

    *Limitations on Free Technical Support
  • Free support is limited to Cloud Customers Only and excludes any issues related to customized features.
  • Free support calls may be limited in our discretion in order to serve all clients.
  • Support is available from the hours of 9AM to 5PM ET Monday through Friday excluding holidays.
  • Only Technical-support issues are covered by free Technical Support. In-depth questions on product functionality or business best practices require a training session (additional fees apply).