Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist: 8 Accounting Tasks to Keep your Design Business Running Smoothly

woman at desk

Keeping up with your monthly business bookkeeping isn’t something you look forward to, but it doesn’t have to be something to dread either.  With a clearly laid out checklist to follow and calendar reminders, you can tackle it with ease and keep your business on the right track. We highly recommend having a monthly bookkeeping […]

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DM Tips: Income Statement

It’s that time of year again for your business.  The dreary winter not only brings bad weather, but also calls from your accountant who is ready to start gathering tax information.  There are fundamental financial statements you review with your accountant each year.  For this conversation we will focus on only one of the fundamental […]

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New Client Refund Features Released

Pro Cloud has New Features! We are introducing new features for Pro Cloud. The features are automatically added to your software at no charge. Inspired by designer feedback, these new features are designed to save you time and make your life easier. One of the hardest parts of being an Interior Designer is when a […]

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DM Tips: Work In Process and Bypass WIP

A Design Manager consultant requested this month’s DM Tips topic on work in process and more specifically, a Design Manager feature called bypass WIP, and we think it’s an excellent topic to cover. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding WIP, but with a little information, it’s easy to understand. The first thing to know is […]

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DM Tips: How to Easily Fix Invoice Typos

invoice laptop

In Design Manager, you can’t delete an invoice, because doing so can lead to accounting inaccuracies. Rather, we recommend editing or crediting. Whether crediting or editing an invoice is the right choice depends on the situation. If there is a typo on your invoice, you should edit it. In Design Manager, we call this an […]

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