DM Tips: Purchase Order Status Window

Our last blog post we took you on a tour of the Status Windows in Design Manager.  This blog post we want to highlight one Status Window specifically in more detail.  The Purchase Order Status Window is the primary area in the software to record order tracking information, so understanding how to use it is […]

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DM Tips: Using Status Windows

Design Manager provides so many detailed reports that we see our clients continually fall back on them for quick questions.  There is nothing wrong with doing so, as our reports are specific and geared towards exactly the information that designers need.  However, designers could save time simply by going to a Status Window in Design […]

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Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist: 8 Accounting Tasks to Keep your Design Business Running Smoothly

woman at desk

Keeping up with your monthly business bookkeeping isn’t something you look forward to, but it doesn’t have to be something to dread either.  With a clearly laid out checklist to follow and calendar reminders, you can tackle it with ease and keep your business on the right track. We highly recommend having a monthly bookkeeping […]

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DM Tips: Income Statement

It’s that time of year again for your business.  The dreary winter not only brings bad weather, but also calls from your accountant who is ready to start gathering tax information.  There are fundamental financial statements you review with your accountant each year.  For this conversation we will focus on only one of the fundamental […]

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DM Tips: Meet Design Manager’s Client Documents

  Hello, proposals and invoices, it’s nice to meet ALL of you. Whether you are brand new to Design Manager or have been working with it for years, you have probably asked yourself at one point, “How do I change the look of Design Manager’s documents?” Well, Design Manager offers 3 styles of proposals and […]

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DM Tips: Quickly Add Multiple Vendor Deposits

Slow and steady wins the race, right? Well, not always. There are times when you can do something both very effectively and very quickly. The Quick Add feature for vendor deposits in DM Pro is no exception.  By using it, you will save quite a bit of time and increase efficiency. With this feature, Design […]

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Design Manager Tips: Creating Tasks

Why Use Tasks The tasks feature in Design Manager helps interior designers stay organized, delegate tasks, complete assignments on time, and finish projects successfully.  You can easily assign them to employees and see the to-do list for each project.   How to Create a Task Click on the Tasks and Appointments button in Design Manager.  […]

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