Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist: 8 Accounting Tasks to Keep your Design Business Running Smoothly

woman at desk

Keeping up with your monthly business bookkeeping isn’t something you look forward to, but it doesn’t have to be something to dread either. ¬†With a clearly laid out checklist to follow and calendar reminders, you can tackle it with ease and keep your business on the right track. We highly recommend having a monthly bookkeeping […]

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DM Tips: Meet Design Manager’s Client Documents

  Hello, proposals and invoices, it’s nice to meet ALL of you. Whether you are brand new to Design Manager or have been working with it for years, you have probably asked yourself at one point, “How do I change the look of Design Manager’s documents?” Well, Design Manager offers 3 styles of proposals and […]

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DM Tips: Crediting and Reversing Invoices

You invoiced a client for a sofa in Design Manager, and it turns out they don’t actually want the sofa. So the invoice has got to go. You look for the delete button, and to your dismay, you don’t see it. That’s because there is no “Delete Invoice” button in Design Manager, because deleting invoices […]

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DM Tips: How to Easily Fix Invoice Typos

invoice laptop

In Design Manager, you can’t delete an invoice, because doing so can lead to accounting inaccuracies. Rather, we recommend editing or crediting. Whether crediting or editing an invoice is the right choice depends on the situation. If there is a typo on your invoice, you should edit it. In Design Manager, we call this an […]

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