What is a Design Myth?

“You can get a degree in this?”   “Oh, what a nice hobby.”   “So, you are a decorator?”   “Wait, you charge for your time?”   “Interior Design? I can’t afford that!”   “So all you do all day is pick paint colors and fabrics?”     Have you been a victim of these […]

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It’s Time You Start Slack-ing

The end of the year is always a time of reflection.  We don’t typically delve into tech products on our blog, but when thinking back on 2016 it is hard to ignore this particular app.  The app is Slack and it has completely reshaped the way we work at Design Manager. Many people are labeling […]

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Starting Your Social Media Marketing: Content Ideas

One of the hardest parts of beginning a routine social media campaign for your business is brainstorming ideas for daily social media posts. Social media can be overwhelming and time-consuming when you are unsure of what makes good content. If you want to start regularly posting to social media for all of the great business […]

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4 Reasons Interior Designers Should Be Using Social Media

Not social media again. The topic seems to come up every other day, and every time it surfaces, you feel guilty because your business either doesn’t have social media accounts, or the last post on your businesses’ Facebook was from February of 2012. In any case, social media is important, and whether your social media […]

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