What our clients say…

Jason Clifton and Jeremy Bauer

Bauer Clifton Interiors

The educational tutorials are so easy to learn from that there is a very minimal learning curve with new team members that join. It allows us to seamlessly see a project from conception through its completion, even with project management and procurement involved.

Venus Williams

Athlete, Entrepreneur, Best-selling author, Olympic Gold medalist, Activist, Designer

I have been using Design Manager for years at my design firm, V Starr Interiors, and highly recommend Design Manger to all design firms as it is a very useful tool to keep projects organized, and best of all it is extremely user friendly.

Libby Langdon

Interior Designer, Author and TV Personality

One of the smartest decisions I made for my interior design business was to implement some easy-to-use but innovative software, Design Manager. Design Manager is now allowing us to streamline our processes and shows how great computer programs can aid in efficiency and profitability.

Angelo Adamo

Angelo Adamo Design

I think Design Manager is the best in its area because it’s so suited for designers. Without the Design Manager software, you cannot run a proper business.

Kelli Sultan

KVS Interior Design

We have had nothing but good experiences with Design Manager.  We run smaller, less complicated businesses on other software and spend more time getting the accounting right than we do with Design Manager for KVS Interior Design.  Design Manager is essential to our success at KVS.

Nile Johnson

Nile Johnson Interior Design

What I love most about Design Manager is…EVERYTHING! Honestly, having the ability to execute and manage a project from specification through procurement and delivery in a streamlined, comprehensive, and professional manner, is an Interior Designers Dream! Design Manager has given me hours of time back into my daily schedule, allowing me to do what I love the most…DESIGN!

Lucy Harris

Lucy Harris Studio

We love Design Manager. The firm that I came from used QuickBooks, but when I started my business I knew that I needed to prepare myself for bigger projects and more complexity. I did not want to wake up one day with massive projects and be totally unprepared, so I got Design Manager early on and learned it myself. It’s a tool that allows us to manage the design process easily.

Matthew P. Smyth

Matthew Patrick Smyth Interiors

The Design Manager software has been very effective in keeping my office organized.  Switching to a software program designed specifically for the design industry has proven to be extremely valuable in managing the details, and therefore, has saved us time and money.  I would highly recommend them to any interior design business.

Phyllis Harbinger

Design Concepts Interiors

Quickbooks is a great accounting tool. But [Design Manager is] a tool that was designed for interior designers: for no one else. That’s a big deal. QuickBooks does not do what Design Manager does for our business. It doesn’t have all the nuances that we need. If you’re in a certain business, you should be using project management software that was tailored to your specific business. Why reinvent the wheel?”

Nick Olsen

Nick Olsen Inc.

After more than a decade in this industry, I simply could not run a business without Design Manager.  My projects are highly detailed, and Design Manager serves as a database for all the minutiae while providing a straightforward platform for my amazing staff to place and track orders and easy-to-understand invoices for my clients. Beyond that, I’ve been very impressed with the immediacy and efficiency of its technical support. I would recommend Design Manager to any professional working in our field.

Andrew Suvalsky

Andrew Suvalsky Designs

We made the decision to switch to Design Manager for two reasons. One was very basic, it was just much easier to be in the cloud. Nothing against QuickBooks, but I hated the online version. Second was my bookkeeper suggested it. My instincts said after 10 years, if my bookkeeper says Design Manager is better, and she works for designers, then I’ll give it a shot.  We now use Design Manager and we would never go back. It forced me to break free of some Excel and QuickBooks confines, which feels really great.

Cherie Myrick

Cherie Myrick Interiors

Design Manager is without a doubt the most user friendly design software for our industry.  I have used Design Manager for over 20 years and have watched it evolve and become even more seamless with each new update.  I cannot imagine managing my business without it.

Jon Nash
Builders Design

Jon Nash

Builders Design

The Design Manger team has been an absolute delight to work with.  Not only did the implementation of Design Manager into our organization go exceedingly well, the application itself has exceeded our expectations.

Jenn Sanborn

Sacris Design

“The first few years in business I used Quickbooks, but as the level of complexity and purchasing for my projects increased, the software really didn’t perform. If you are considering making the upgrade to Design Manager, just go for it. The time saved and peace of mind are worth it.”

Glenn Gissler

Glenn Gissler Design

It became clear that our business practices were highly inefficient, and that if we were going to grow, and handle other and more complex projects we needed to find a much more efficient way of creating proposals, processing purchase orders, tracking orders, and preparing balance due invoices which Design Manager does seamlessly.

Desiree Galazin

Bookkeeper for Bunny Williams

Design Manager is so much more valuable than QuickBooks for interior designers because it’s catered to them. With QuickBooks, you have to kind of duct tape things together to get them to work the way you want to.

Miriam Oliva Moore

Miriam Moore Design Studio LLC

The software is extraordinarily user-friendly & simply “smart.” Your Technical Support Fees are very reasonable as compared to similar programs and your response time when questions are either emailed or phoned-in is fantastic!

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