Hello, proposals and invoices, it’s nice to meet ALL of you.

Whether you are brand new to Design Manager or have been working with it for years, you have probably asked yourself at one point, “How do I change the look of Design Manager’s documents?” Well, Design Manager offers 3 styles of proposals and invoices: Modern, Commercial, and Residential. And to show you what we mean, here are examples of each style:

Modern Style (avail. to cloud users only)

The modern style is fresh and fun with a beautifully centered logo header.  It is a clean format with a simple address footer. modern proposal Commercial Style

The Commercial style does not have to be used for just your commercial projects.  The name was given to represent a more industrial feel due to the the traditional invoice boxes and columns. commercial proposal

Residential Style

You do not need to use the Residential Style just for your residential projects.  The name was given to represent a more casual, personal correspondence style.   residential proposalYou have the ability to choose a default style to use exclusively or vary your style proposal to proposal.  The software allows you to fit the style to the situation.

There are many other settings in the software that allow you to change the overall look and the actual information that appears on the documents. For example, choosing the option to show the deposit and sales tax in their own separate columns.  Here is what that “With Deposit” setting looks like on the Modern Proposal and Modern Invoice: modern proposal with deposit modern invoice with depositThere are many more options like the “With Deposit” style option.  For example, you can choose to show freight per line item instead of totaling it at the bottom.  You can even change the name of the document all together!  If you prefer to use the word Quote instead of Proposal, you can change that in just a few clicks.

To take advantage of these document options and really get the look you want, please check out our Document Styles and Options Video.

Please comment below if you have other helpful tips on documents or if you have a suggestion for a future DM Tips blog post.