An Interview with Angelica Henry Design about their Arizona house project which won the Design Manager Design of the Month

Design-of-the-Month-badge 1. How did you come up with the concept for this design?

Ingenuity of concepts and materials were of utmost importance to the client and was certainly a high priority for the project.  They also wanted all of the luxuries and amenities of a five star hotel wrapped into a comfortably livable home.

 2. How did you select colors and items for this project?

Beautifully imperfect and aged materials infused with warmth, texture and character, were incorporated throughout.  These finishes were balanced with plush carpeting, draperies and other soft touches to evoke a sense of aged luxury.

AHD-14-029-58 Powder Room

3. What was your favorite aspect of this project?

I loved the fact that there was an opportunity for bespoke designs in every aspect of the project, from the largest of details down to customized cabinet hardware and tissue holders!

4. What was your most difficult challenge during this project?

Challenges certainly included addressing scale and proportion within each space while also concealing modern technology.  To help keep spaces at a “livable scale”, heavily textured woods, patina metals, and concrete were contrasted with soft touches in plush carpeting, draperies, and aged leathers.

AHD-14-029-34 Hallway

5. How did you stay organized during this project?

Through copiously detailed notes, drawings and specifications!

6. Did you have a professional photographer take photos of this project?

 Yes, Mark Boisclair of Mark Boisclair photography

AHD-14-029-14 Bedroom Detail

7. What is the key to creating and completing a successful project?

The key is listening to and understanding the clients’ needs to suit their tastes, lifestyle, and budget and working well with the entire project team!




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