Why DM software is better

How generic software works

Room for error

Creating documents means manual entry and starting from scratch every time.

Square peg in a round hole

The simple design business practice of taking deposits and retainers becomes complicated.

Manual Steps

Enter markups and discounts as line items and manually remember to add them to documents.

Limits and boundaries

Only 14,500 items across software.

Reports are accounting focused

Financial statements and only a few reports that can be run by job.

How DM Software works

Look Professional

Enter item info one time and documents (with pictures!) are generated for you.

Save Time

Deposits are distributed to Items and then applied when the client is invoiced.

Automatic Calculations

Enter percentages in item info and Design Manager calculates it automatically on all documents.

Let your business thrive

9,999 items per project with an unlimited amount of projects.

Reports are design focused

Financial statements PLUS essential designer reports like Client Status, Deposit Analysis, Project/Order status, Pick Lists, CFAs, Profit Analysis, Unordered Components, Open Vendor Deposits and more.


Conquer your fear of paperwork and accounting with Design Manager, an all-in-one solution to managing your design business.


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